Peak Fitness — Bainbridge, NY

chest & shoulders

We have done chest and back, then legs and back, in the past two weeks… so today we put the chest with shoulders.   We used heavier flat bench press, superset with heavy upright rows; then to decline heavy dumbbells and heavy side raises.  The last 2 sets were light incline flyes with super-light side raises.   Three people were working together, so one of them did seated heavy dumbbells military press, rather than upright rows.    I had to keep spotting and pushing people on and off the benches, since they like to visit as much as they like to lift.  Two of these members warmed up on the stepper, EFX and treadmill; the third swam 3/4 miles, then walked the treadmill for 15 minutes.  These warm-ups are important for ‘mature’ adults, especially on a heavy workout days.  

The two ladies who come in at 11 am did a 4-station routine.  We did back, triceps, side raises and kicking Bob the Boxer (front, side and roundhouse).  In between each station, we did steps.  I set up the 12″ step to step Over The Top (OTT); I put a 6″ step perpendicular to it and we straddle-ran the step 20 reps.  (running: start on, step off R foot, step off L foot, step on R foot, step on L foot).   The routine should be: lat pulldowns, OTT, run the step, seated rows, OTT, run the step, side raises, OTT, run the step, kick Bob, OTT, run the step, Repeat.  As always, finish with crunches and stretching.

Tomorrow we’re having a beastly leg day.  And Friday, we’ll do some Pilates Sculpt like Ellen Barrett teaches.


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  1. * Helen says:

    That’s why we come to the gym, somebody has to herd us or we’d end up light on weights and workout and heavy on visiting. Good results all around. See you tomorrow!!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 10 months ago

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